Types of Real Estate You May Consider Purchasing

Real estate is a great way to make money. You can hold it long term and generate income or you can sell it right away and make a profit. There are various options out there, but you have to understand what you are purchasing in order for things to work in your favor. Real estate is one of the safest investments, because you will seldom take a loss and it will never be 100 percent unless you default on a loan. If you’re interested in real estate some of the types of property you can consider purchasing is residential, commercial, or land.

Residential Property

Residential property can include single family homes, townhouses, or apartment buildings. Depending on your reason for purchasing the real estate you may want to invest in either one of these types of residential properties. Your decision will mostly be based on the capital you have to put into the investment as well as your desired level of involvement. With a smaller budget you may look into a single-family home or even a duplex. Properties that won’t need a tremendous financial backing would be best. If you find that you can no longer afford to keep the residential property you can search we buy houses to get it sold. All the properties will need a certain amount of time and management efforts. You can hire a property management firm to look after your assets but if you’re willing to do it yourself that’s ok too.

Commercial Property

A commercial property will definitely need a facility management team to run it. Even if you decide to be an owner and manager you will need to at least hire a handy man. Commercial buildings include several tenants and they will constantly need maintenance. You will need a custodian to keep the property clean and keep the restrooms stocked with soap, paper towels and other supplies. Commercial properties require a lot more attention and a lot more capital than small residential buildings. Things will break down over time and you as the owner will be responsible for repairs and replacements.


Owning a piece of land can be simple in comparison to either a residential or commercial property. The only thing land needs is upkeep. If you purchase land in a great location, you can have a great investment. You can hang on to it for years, and the tax on it will be minimal without any structures on it. One day it may be worth multiple times the amount you first purchased it for. You could also one day decide to build something on the property and potentially increase the value of the land.

Purchasing a property can be a tough decision. For an investment property it is a great idea to complete all of your homework first. You want to make sure you are investing in something that you can add value to and get a good return on your initial investment. The types of real estate you may consider purchasing include residential property, commercial property, and land.