How To Be A Positive Cash Flow King – Wrapping Made Easy

How To Be A Positive Cash Flow King – Wrapping Made Easy

Property Wrapping has become a well known term in Australia largely thanks to one man; Paul Zalitis otherwise known as ‘The Aussie Wrapper’. Paul’s unique slant takes positive cash flow property wrapping to a higher level, giving hope to the thousands of families around Australia who are desperate to own their own home.

If you’ve ever been stuck in a position where you could afford mortgage repayments but couldn’t get a loan because you may be a business owner or had a poor credit history in the past, you’ll know what it’s like to face the frustration of wanting to own your own home yet stuck giving your hard earned cash to a landlord with no long term return for your payments.

There’s now a solution to the problem for people in that position and for you as a positive cash flow real estate investor.

Paul takes the view that everybody who can afford to buy their own home, should be able to own their own home and as long as there are plenty of savvy vendors out there ready to offer that leg up, there will always be plenty of willing clients ready to take the first step on that ladder. This makes it a win-win all round – the buyer secures affordable housing, a solid investment and pride of home ownership and you as the wrapper get a solid investment with a positive cash flow.

Of course there are risks inherent with any real estate investment opportunity and it would be an unwise man who went into it unprepared and didn’t take the time to carefully study what the risks are and work to avoid them but, with the solid steps that Paul has put in place for you to follow as you put together your real estate investment strategy, those risks are minimised.

While there are many people who agree that their money was made in real estate, there will be plenty of people who will admit to losing a few fortunes in real estate along the way too so it really is best to get solid advice from someone who not only knows the business inside and out, they have the ability to help you put together a strategy designed specifically for your personal circumstances.

For instance, do you know that there is a right way and a wrong way about researching the market for the best positive cash flow property deal? What about bottom end of market properties – are they the best ones to secure for wrapping? What is the best way of determining if your wrappee is solidly committed to buying their first property?…

Real Estate Investing Secrets About Buying a Bankruptcy Property

Real Estate Investing Secrets About Buying a Bankruptcy Property

Many investors do not even go near a property that is considered a problem property. Bankruptcy property is at the top of that list of properties to avoid. They fear it is too much work or it is going to be difficult to buy such a property. Here’s one of the important real estate investing secrets to remember; the reality is you only need to do some research, pay attention to how the process works, and you can get these properties that nobody else is going after. Essentially you are carving your own niche and that is the way to make good money in real estate investing.

As with so many of the real estate investing secrets you must understand exactly what bankruptcy property is all about. It is important to recognize right away that a bankruptcy property is not the same as foreclosure properties. A foreclosure is when a bank takes back a property because the owner is unable to pay their mortgage payments. A foreclosed property is sold at an auction so the bank can recover some of the money they loaned for its purchase. Many people file bankruptcy to stop a foreclosure from happen. In this instance the person can either get their finances together and save their home through bankruptcy or they have to sell it to pay off their debts. The property is going to e sold through the bankruptcy court and this means a much better situation for the investor.

Having the chance to buy through the court enables an investor to get a better price than trying to buy at a bank auction. To begin with there is far less competition. Not many investors realize the opportunity of buying a bankruptcy property, so they won’t be there at the sale. There is also going to be a quicker pace because the court needs to push this bankruptcy through and the owner is fully cooperating. The court doesn’t have to wait or go through the extreme legal processes that happen with foreclosure.

Since bankruptcy court is now all electronic all the information from the court is public. You can easily access it and know right away what properties are up for sale. Not many people know this. Through this electronic system you can learn property values, if the property has liens and what is happening with the bankruptcy. You get all the information you need to keep tabs on what is happening with the property.

When you learn how to use the system you can then start tracking properties and know before almost anyone else when it will be auctioned. This means you are there ready to buy when most other investors still have no clue it is up on auction. As with so many of the real estate investing secrets and strategies, with bankruptcy properties you can really tap into a market that is virtually free of competition. Most people have no idea that …

Understanding Rental Rates

Understanding Rental Rates

Commercial and retail leases can be calculated using a variety rental pricing methods based on the type of business the tenant is operating. In some cases the state of the economy is a factor to keep spaced occupied when revenues are slow and the ability to pay is based on business revenues.

Rental rates are affected by many external factors and the details of agreement such as the lease term, the size of the property, access to storage, high visibility, front office views and panoramic vistas, proximity to certain locations, and the current market/economy.

Increases in rental rates can be influenced by market conditions for retail tenants, who could be required to pay a percentage rent that includes a percentage of gross sales. Under normal conditions, the rental rate is the amount of rent you pay per square quoted on a monthly basis, keep in mind that there are markets such quoted on an annual basis. Inner-city office leasing is generally quoted as an annual rate, while industrial and retail is typically stated as monthly rates.

Keep in mind that many real estate brokers will use terminology to refer to annual square footage rates and potential tenants will commonly define rates on a monthly basis. The differences are based on how each looks at expenses. Tenants may plan their expenses on a monthly basis and leasing agents create agreements based on annual terms.

There are specific attributes associated with each square footage rate such as; Full Service Gross, Industrial Gross (or Single Net), Double Net and Triple Net (or Absolute Net); all of these except the Full Service Gross rent may have Common Area Maintenance (CAM) charges added on.

These traits determine who pays the utilities, janitorial and other building services (elevators, common hall lights, etc.) and are key factors in determining the true asking rate. Rent can include utilities, such as phone, electricity, and water.

Will you as the tenant be responsible for paying any of the landlord’s maintenance expenses, and property taxes, or insurance costs? How these expenses are calculated has a significant impact on the rental rate. Check to determine whether there is a required deposit and if a letter of credit instead of cash. Included in the description of the space you are renting should be how much square footage is necessary for your type of business, available parking, other services and features.

A detailed list of any improvements the landlord plans to make to the space before you move in. or the cost to you for renovations after you occupy the space. The landlord or leasing agent can include statements describing amenities with regard to foot traffic, utility costs, security and restrictions on renting to competitors. It is also important to ensure the property is in compliance with Americans with Disabilities Act requirements.

Be sure the space is zoned appropriately for your type of business and under what conditions you will be able to sublease or assign the lease to someone else. …

Bringing Your Properties Back to Profitability – 5 Important Questions to Ask

Bringing Your Properties Back to Profitability – 5 Important Questions to Ask

Like many commercial real estate owners, managers and investors, you may be struggling with falling revenues and rising expenses-it seems bad news has been rampant. Now more than ever, you need to identify all possible options for maximizing your ROI. Bringing your property portfolio back to profitability in today’s challenging climate often requires the assistance of trusted advisors who can suggest ways to leverage assets, recapture expenses and accelerate tax deductions. These real estate “knowledge experts” can demonstrate how, in even the worst of economic times, you can 1) maximize your cash flow, 2) reduce your tax liability, and 3) keep more money in your pocket.

There are often a number of overlooked solutions for bolstering your bottom line that a savvy commercial and investment property advisor can suggest. Depending on whether you are holding, selling or buying real estate, your trusted advisor should explore these five important questions:

• Have you taken advantage of the latest tax regulations to lower your tax liability and improve your cash flow? You may be able to accelerate the tax deductions you claim for depreciation by reclassifying eligible assets to shorter recovery periods. A cost segregation study – conducted by a team of qualified accounting, engineering and tax experts – can help obtain the greatest tax benefits from any real estate holdings.

• Have you recently reviewed your leases? If not, you may be generating less income than you should. Meticulous and up-to-date lease abstracts will identify all critical lease dates, including lease expiration dates, rent step-up dates, as well as renewal and option dates to ensure you are receiving maximum rents.

• Have you reviewed the Common Area Maintenance for your properties lately? You may have legitimate expenses that are not being passed-through. A portfolio management expert can help by performing a desktop audit and reviewing the operating expenses, CAM, taxes and insurance to ensure maximum pass-through of legitimate obligations to tenants.

• Are you preserving your investment capital by deferring capital gains taxes? If you are selling a property, it might make more sense to exchange one property for another. The IRS allows you to defer capital gains taxes through a A�1031 Exchange with a Qualified Intermediary. Since the rules governing this process can be complex, it is advisable to draw upon the expertise of a Certified Exchange Specialist to maximize the benefits of the exchange.

• In considering the acquisition of a distressed or foreclosed property, are you certain it is accurately valued? Without a current, thorough and independent analysis of the value of the property, you may not be buying the deal you think. A thorough financial audit of the real estate asset, analyzing and verifying historical financial statements, scrutinizing each income and expense item and providing a detailed cash flow analysis is key. In large or complex commercial acquisitions, it makes sense to have a financial due diligence specialist with expertise in commercial real estate conduct …

Are You Looking For Homes For Sale

Are You Looking For Homes For Sale

If you are thinking of buying a new home, then the Internet is the best place to search. You can get the best homes for sale online through real estate locators. There are many advantages to buying online. First, it gives you an opportunity to search for homes anywhere in the country or state. There is no geographic limitation to your search. You can get detailed information about real estate listings in a moment. The search results are displayed instantly. You can find the most accurate homes that meet your needs.

Looking for a home through a realtor or a broker is the traditional way of searching for home. However, it has some drawbacks and limitations. A broker may not be able to assist you with properties beyond a certain geographic region. This restricts your choices and you cannot see homes for sale in different areas. Another drawback of hiring a broker is that you cannot see the property pictures. Whereas through online real estate locators, you can instantly compare pictures of property.

This online method of buying and selling property is not only beneficial for homebuyers, but it is also good for realtors. They can list their property online and reach larger number of potential customers. These online locators are like real estate search engines. They attract the right kind of customers to your website.

You can find all types of property under one roof. There are local homes for sale, Condos, Townhouses, Apartments, Farms, Lofts, Land and Commercial Properties. Some of the areas and provincial places where you could buy and sell would include Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Vancouver, Calgary, Ottawa, Toronto, Mississauga, and Montr?�al Real Estate.

Searching for homes online is very simple. You just have to enter keywords and select a location, and the listings will be displayed in a matter of seconds. Apart from the photographs, the listings will also include a brief description of the place and its neighborhood or subdivision.…

How Late Can a Person Be for a Loan Modification?

How Late Can a Person Be for a Loan Modification?

There are many things that can occur to anyone in Cleveland that can cause a person to end up losing money. These things are legitimate financial hardships that can be out of one’s control and can end up causing a person to lose money that should be spent on a mortgage loan. The losses that can come from the modification can be ones that are too expensive to handle. This is where a good Cleveland loan modification plan can be used.

However, there are some cases where a person might end up dealing with problems with regards to getting a modification. Some people might think that a plan like this can only work in the event that a person is not too late with the loan payments. The truth is that a person who is behind on a mortgage can enter a plan for a loan modification at practically any time in the process.

A good rule of thumb to see is that a person can be thirty days late on a mortgage loan in order to enter a modification. This comes from how thirty days is often seen as the time period when a lender is going to seriously consider starting the foreclosure process on a home. Getting started with a plan to change the terms on the mortgage loan can help at this point in time so the problem does not get worse.

However, a person can also enter a modification after being late for sixty or ninety days on a mortgage. These are time periods when a lender can start informing a client about how late on is on a mortgage loan. The lender can also threaten to go into foreclosure or even start the foreclosure process at this time period.

In a number of cases a person may be able to start the plan months after the last proper payments were made on it. This can work in that the person who enters the plan will end up filing an application for a stay of foreclosure and to get the loan modification application reviewed. This is used to help with seeing that a person can have one’s loan reviewed instead of having it foreclosed upon.

A big part of the process is that many lenders that serve people around Cuyahoga County will agree to stop all foreclosure processes when the review of a loan is being made. This time period will allow the lender to see if a modification can work or if the foreclosure process should be continued. This can be used to help with reviewing the potential that might be involved for getting the terms on the loan changed around.

Overall, there is no real timeline as to how late a person can be in order to get a loan modification to work. There are cases where a person could apply for the service very late in the game. However, applying as soon as …

Atlanta Foreclosures For Sale – Advantages of Buying in Atlanta and Where to Find the Best Deals

Atlanta Foreclosures For Sale – Advantages of Buying in Atlanta and Where to Find the Best Deals

The capital and most populous city in the state of Georgia, Atlanta is one of the fastest-growing metropolitan areas in the United States which makes it a great choice for home buyers. Now with a large number and with a range of Atlanta foreclosures for sale one can find a home at a great deal in one of the best locations in the country.

Some of the various advantages of buying a home through the various Atlanta foreclosures for sale are listed below:

o Top Business City – Home to the nation’s third largest concentration of Fortune 500 companies, and more than 75 percent of the Fortune 1000 companies the region is one of the top business cities and is the world headquarters of The Coca-Cola Company, AT&T Mobility, Delta Air Lines, Home Depot and UPS which makes the city a great residential choice.

o Neighborhood Senior Services (NSS) – Various ongoing NSS projects offer social, health and wellness and educational opportunities for seniors throughout the region. Neighborhood Senior Centers have approximately 700 senior centers in the city with diverse programs at each center.

o Atlanta Housing Authority (AHA) – Many developmental as well as financial assistance and loan schemes offered by the AHA for housing, maintenance and upkeep of neighborhoods in the city which makes buying Atlanta foreclosures for sale a good option.

o Famous museums – The city is known for its variety of museums on subjects ranging from history to fine arts, natural history, and beverages which include the History Center; the Carter Center; the Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site; APEX Museum; the Cyclorama and Civil War Museum; historic house museum Rhodes Hall; and the Margaret Mitchell House and Museum.

Given below are some of the best sources of finding great deals through Atlanta foreclosures for sale:

Online listing services – The internet is the best medium of getting updated information on foreclosed properties in the city by subscribing to various online listing services.

County offices – Visiting the various county offices is also a good idea as you can get a list of foreclosures available in the region.

Bank websites – As a large number of foreclosures are repossessed by the banks in the city they invariably have the best deals available on foreclosed homes.

Local newspaper classifieds – The classifieds are also one of the best sources for finding good deals on Atlanta foreclosures for sale.…

Moving and Relocation Made Easy With Top Tips

Moving and Relocation Made Easy With Top Tips

Lots of people have to relocate from one place to the other due to number of reasons. Relocation can be either from one locality to the other or from one state to the other and sometime from one country to the other.

When you move from a particular house to the other you usually have to carry lots of things along with you. You need to carry your furniture, electronic appliances as well as other objects. Some of these objects are fragile and hence they need more care than the others.

It is quite difficult for a person to pack and move these things alone without professional help. This is the reason why people these days look for some professional people who can manage everything for them. There are moving companies these days which can be of great help especially for people who have loads of objects to relocate.

You might have come across the names of certain popular companies present in the United States. If you pay them a certain amount of money they will take the entire responsibility of packing as well as moving your belongings from the source to the destination.

These companies also offer door to door service which might be a bit costly. You will find interstate moving company as well as cross country movers who can go any distance you want. If you are moving from locality to the other, these companies can be of great help.

There are certain tips which can help you choose the best moving company in business. Other than a positive reputation of the company you should also look for the kind of equipment the company has. You should specially notice the kind of trucks they offer.

If the truck looks broken down then avoid them because it can be a great cause of accident. You must always try to avoid the moving company which has poor equipments to offer. The other thing that you must check is the timing of the company.

There are certain moving services which has poor timing records and they are never on time. They might keep your waiting for hours. This is the reason why it is very much essential to go through the reviews of various popular companies before you choose one.

The day before you are scheduled to move out confirm the timing once again as a reminder to the company. Some of the moving companies might ask you to move the stuff present in your home so that they can easily take them out. Try to avoid these companies.

If you move your stuff then why should you pay them the money? You should always check and clear these matters before you hire the professionals from the company. You must also try to avoid the new companies which have recently joined the business.

The new companies are usually inexperienced and they might not have enough insurance coverage for your objects. You can …