How To Be A Positive Cash Flow King – Wrapping Made Easy

How To Be A Positive Cash Flow King – Wrapping Made Easy

Property Wrapping has become a well known term in Australia largely thanks to one man; Paul Zalitis otherwise known as ‘The Aussie Wrapper’. Paul’s unique slant takes positive cash flow property wrapping to a higher level, giving hope to the thousands of families around Australia who are desperate to own their own home.

If you’ve ever been stuck in a position where you could afford mortgage repayments but couldn’t get a loan because you may be a business owner or had a poor credit history in the past, you’ll know what it’s like to face the frustration of wanting to own your own home yet stuck giving your hard earned cash to a landlord with no long term return for your payments.

There’s now a solution to the problem for people in that position and for you as a positive cash flow real estate investor.

Paul takes the view that everybody who can afford to buy their own home, should be able to own their own home and as long as there are plenty of savvy vendors out there ready to offer that leg up, there will always be plenty of willing clients ready to take the first step on that ladder. This makes it a win-win all round – the buyer secures affordable housing, a solid investment and pride of home ownership and you as the wrapper get a solid investment with a positive cash flow.

Of course there are risks inherent with any real estate investment opportunity and it would be an unwise man who went into it unprepared and didn’t take the time to carefully study what the risks are and work to avoid them but, with the solid steps that Paul has put in place for you to follow as you put together your real estate investment strategy, those risks are minimised.

While there are many people who agree that their money was made in real estate, there will be plenty of people who will admit to losing a few fortunes in real estate along the way too so it really is best to get solid advice from someone who not only knows the business inside and out, they have the ability to help you put together a strategy designed specifically for your personal circumstances.

For instance, do you know that there is a right way and a wrong way about researching the market for the best positive cash flow property deal? What about bottom end of market properties – are they the best ones to secure for wrapping? What is the best way of determining if your wrappee is solidly committed to buying their first property?