Don’t Forget Your Paper Trail While Dealing With Foreclosures

Don’t Forget Your Paper Trail While Dealing With Foreclosures

Buying your first home will most likely be one of the most significant purchases you will make in your lifetime. Whether it’s a purchase and mortgage or a foreclosure auction, you want to make sure that you keep everything documented. This article will delve into the idea behind why and how you should a paper trail when dealing with one specific type of foreclosure.

A foreclosure is basically when a borrower defaults on their monthly payments and the lender seizes control of the property. If the borrower does not pay about the balance that is due, then the property moves into the pre-foreclosure stage. Before a foreclosed home lands on the auction block, potential buyers have a certain window of time where they can negotiate a deal with the lender. These pre-foreclosures are a great chance for people to buy a great property without competing with a ton of other buyers. As you might suspect, these transactions are mainly informal and verbal. When talks become serious, many facts and figures might get lost in the avoid any problems with reneging or number mishandling, you want to get a physical log of type of communication you have with the lender.

Believe me, there have been plenty of occasions where communication comes to an impasse due to the fact that one party states that another is messing around with the numbers or claiming that someone promised something. To avoid this hassle, you want to write down facts and figures for future reference. If both parties agree on a verbal deal, and you have dated statements to back up this agreement, then it might hold up in court if the situation goes that far. Though it doesn’t happen that often, you want to make sure that you don’t end up on the short end of the stick. It might seem like an annoyance while you are actually taking these notes, but you will be thankful you did it if something goes haywire in the plan.

This is not to say that you shouldn’t keep a paper trail when dealing with the other two (foreclosure auctions and REO foreclosures) types of foreclosures. This tip does apply for all situations. Though, it’s definitely the most valuable with pre-foreclosures because of the lack of documented proof of negotiations or agreements.

Keeping a physical journal of any important facts, figures, or statements will make life a lot easier. Negotiation breakdowns do happen from time to time-you just need prepared when it happens. Purchase a notebook or keep an online journal of all commutation because it’s better to be safe than sorry when you are dealing with a purchase of this magnitude.…

4 Important Tips For Your Real Estate Investment Ventures During Recession

4 Important Tips For Your Real Estate Investment Ventures During Recession

Due to the recession many businesses have taken a hit and therefore not many people have the ability to make large amounts of money as down payments to secure property that they want. But this does not mean that properties are not being bought or sold, this only means that now more innovative ways to buying and selling property have been adopted. Some of these are discussed below:


This method involves taking a trusted friend or a family relative as your partner in your venture so that the required capital can be raised. This method is more frequently being used nowadays due to the ongoing recession in which people are not able to finance their business ventures independently and therefore they are turning to friends and relatives for help. In partnerships trust plays an important (if not the most important) role as in some states the partner can easily sell the property and take all the money without the other person finding out. Therefore it is highly recommended that an attorney be hired to draw up a contract outlining the sharing of costs and expenses such as repairs taxes and maintenance. This would also prevent the chance of fraud or any misunderstanding between the partners in the future.


This method involves finding a seller who is willing to sell large portions of his property and then finding the buyers as well who want to buy the property, the key to success in this method is to have good communication skills and a sharp business mind and always be on the lookout for potential buyers and sellers. This method involves almost no investment on your part as you are just facilitating the deal between the two parties and in the process are looking to make a handsome commission yourself.

Enhancing the look of your house

A run down house with peeling paint is not going to appeal to any one, so it is important to take care of the house and make sure that it makes a good first impression as most people upon seeing that the house is not a good condition will not buy the house no matter how cheap it may be. The look of the house can be enhanced by repainting and if there is a garden or a yard then having a gardener take care of it for you so that it is kept in proper order. Remember first impression is the last impression.

Professional advice

It is always advisable to have an expert such as a realtor look over your property to gauge the true value of your house this is very important to know so that you do not overprice or under price your property. The value of the house will also help you in understanding whether to target families or singles as families are generally able to afford high prices while unmarried people may not be able to afford them. …

Marketing Ideas For Real Estate Postcards

Marketing Ideas For Real Estate Postcards

When postcards are done correctly, these prints can be your perfect tools in promoting your real estate business. Postcard prints are hard to miss and can get your marketing message right at the hand of your target audience. But there are things that you need to remember if you want your postcard marketing efforts to really render fruits. Here are few marketing ideas for real estate postcards:

Highlight your strengths

You are an expert when it comes to real estate and your business is the best available in town. Leverage this by highlighting that characteristic in your prints. Use vivid images of you while assisting a client or images of the houses that you have sold over the years. Your prints can also include success stories of your former clients.

Correctly target your audience

Before you even start designing your postcard prints, you should define the purpose of your marketing campaign and who your target audiences are. Are you going to send those prints to people with good income and have plans of getting bigger or better dwellings? You can send prints that will teach them how to upgrade and how you can help them get the right home upgrades and the kind of dwellings that their families deserve. For individuals or groups seeking investments in real estate, your postcard prints could include tips on how to acquire low-priced properties and turn them into high-end dwellings for rent. A highly-targeted mailing list is necessary to map out what type of campaign each demographic should have.

Promote your website

Marketing experts considered website promotion through postcard prints as one of the most inexpensive way to get high response rates from target audience. You can take advantage of this by including incentives that your reader can claim by visiting your website and signing up for mailing list. You can also include teaser information about success stories from your clients and useful tips from you; with the rest of the parts available on your website.

When you send your real estate postcards to the right audience and you have compelling contents, there is a good chance of getting great response. Of course, the way your prints look also matter so always print postcards that would stand out – from color, paper, and design. It is, thus, important to also look for quality printing services.…

What Are HUD Homes and How to Find HUD Homes For Sale

What Are HUD Homes and How to Find HUD Homes For Sale

HUD is a government agency which is the shortened form of US Department of Housing and Urban Development. There are many homes that are owned by HUD that are up for sale. You may want to find some of these homes which offer low purchase prices. HUD obtains homes through foreclosures which are completed on a home which was purchased through a mortgage insured by FHA. These units may be between 1 to 4 units of residential property for dwelling. Since HUD loses money on the foreclosure they place these specific homes up for sale in order to get back some of the lost funds from the process.

Virtually anyone can buy one of the HUD homes that are up for sale. Priority is given to the people who want to use it as their main residence. If the homes have been up for sale long enough without interest from people who want to live there, investors are given their chance to buy it if they desire to rent it out. Some professionals in varying career paths may also be given priority along with an extra reduction on the sale price. In special areas; teachers, firefighters, local governments, nonprofit organizations, and law enforcement officers are given these deals. The specific name for these is the Good Neighbor Initiatives.

HUD homes can be found mainly on the internet. They are listed online with management companies who have agreed to directly contract with HUD. The real estate agents who are registered with HUD directly have the possibility of contracting the purchase by submitting your offer to HUD. HUD also helps the real estate broker by paying their commission for them. As with any home you buy from anybody you must get an inspection. An inspection lets you know of any problems that the home may face such as major repairs or unseen issues that may be very costly to fix. You may not have the funds to fix these or the desire to fix them either. You may also want to get multiple inspections if the first does not satisfy you. Since this is such a large investment you want to be completely prepared and satisfied before plunging in and sealing the deal. HUD homes are sold as is so once you sign the paperwork it is done and there is no turning back.

Financing may be a concern for you as well. Unfortunately, HUD does not offer any financing directly through them. Some homes that they have available are eligible for the FHA insured loans which you must get separately. They are the federal housing administration and are the biggest government insurer of mortgages in the entire world. You can also do some research while shopping around to find the best lender for your individual situation. Look at many of them to find the best terms for your loan with both points and the lowest interest rate available. HUD …

Restoration 1 of Lake Charles Is Your Local Water Damage Expert

If you’re looking for a company that can handle a variety of disasters, Restoration 1 is the place to call. Our comprehensive restoration services include water damage restoration Lake Charles, fire & smoke damage, mold removal, and reconstruction. We also offer emergency 24-hour service so you can get your property back to its original condition quickly. With over a decade of experience in the field, you can trust our team to handle any size job, large or small.


While the overall cost of Lake Charles water damage restoration can vary greatly, several factors can impact the overall price. These include the size of the affected area, the type of water, and the resources required. If you’re trying to determine the exact cost of your damage, consider what kind of water is involved. There are three basic types of water damage. Category one is the least expensive, and it’s composed of wastewater with minor impurities, such as gray and white water from washing machines. On the other hand, black and gray waters contain hazardous toxic debris and can pose significant health risks.


Water damage restoration in Lake Charles can cost from $200 to $2,000, depending on the extent of the damage and the resources needed. Luckily, some companies specialize in water restoration. In addition to emergency restoration, we also offer emergency water mitigation and prevention services, so you won’t have to worry about a leaky faucet or flooded basement. We have been serving the community for 25 years and have helped thousands of people recover from disastrous events.


While water damage can be expensive, you can still get quality restoration services from a local company. In addition to emergency response, Lake Charles water damage restoration is essential for your health. Standing water is a breeding ground for dangerous pathogens, such as mold, which can cause several health problems. Fortunately, insurance companies can often provide hotel accommodations for their customers and offer free or reduced-cost hotel stays for those displaced.


When water damage occurs, the process can take as long as three days. Depending on the amount of water and the extent of the damage, the cost of a water damage restoration Lake Charles service can vary widely. Some companies may offer to stay with you in a hotel until the property is dry. However, if you have more than three days, you’ll want to hire a company that can dry your property as quickly as possible.


If you’re searching for a water damage restoration in Lake Charles, call Restoration 1 of Lake Louis. Our team of certified professionals can handle every aspect of water damage restoration, from emergency water removal to flood damage cleanup. They’ll even be able to provide expert advice to help you make the best decision for your home or business. With over 50 years of combined experience in water damage restoration, our professionals will help you get your property back to normal as quickly as possible.


When disaster strikes, it’s …

What Do I Need to Know About Buying a Home For Sale by Owner

What Do I Need to Know About Buying a Home For Sale by Owner

If you are interested in owning a home that is sold by the owner, it will not be a good move to talk to the owner and negotiate without considering some important factors that will affect your decision. Although there are listed properties marketed by agents, there are also properties that are for sale by the owner. Since an agent is not needed in the process, you can cut on costs only if you follow some guidelines that you can use as a basis for your negotiation and for you to get the best deal.

There are around 20% of properties listed as for sale by owner and if you happen to be interested in a property that falls under this category, you should consider the following criteria.

1. Budget

You have to be sure about how much you can afford. You should not commit the mistake of overextending yourself just because you really like the property. In this period of technology, you can easily determine the amount that your income can accommodate with online mortgage calculator. You can use this as a basis and work within that budget.

2. Valuation Report

Determine the value of the property in comparison to the other properties in the neighborhood. Banks and agents call this as comparative market values or comparative market analysis. This compares the property with those within 1 to mile radius and those that have been sold recently. With this information, you will know the range of values of the property in the neighborhood and you can easily determine if the owner sets an unreasonable price for the property.

3. How long is the property offered in the market?

You have to know how recent is this property sold. If the property is offered for more than 90 days, this means that there is not much interest which can be a factor of the location, community or some other things. With a long period being in the market, you can easily get a discount or lower deals that may have a high chance of being considered.

4. Need for a real estate attorney

You will need the advice of an expert in the area. It will be good to have the guidance of a lawyer from the offering stage up to the closing level. There may be some local ordinances that can affect the pricing or some other circumstances and laws that need to be considered before the purchase. Only a real estate attorney can help you with this and it will be worth doing especially that you are not knowledgeable about the many transaction details of buying a house.

When you already have the above information and the help of a real estate attorney, you are sure to be guided in making that major and important decision of buying your next or first home. You have to be sure in your steps. You have to …

List of BPO Companies

List of BPO Companies

A List of BPO companies is easy to come by, but a quality list takes some research and time to develop. Banks and asset management companies need BPOs (or Broker Price Opinions) at an ever increasing rate. Because of this there are many companies who are trying o enter the BPO business, some not as reliable as others. There are some who have a lot of orders and pay on time, and others who are happy to send you the orders, but no so happy to send the checks for the work you have finished.

There are a variety of reasons for a BPO to be performed A few of the most common are when an owner is facing a short sale or foreclosure, an owner is refinancing their property, or maybe when a bank or asset company needs an evaluation of value to update their portfolios. For this reason the list of companies willing to supply the BPOs they are needing is always changing. There are many companies who will try and scam you out of money, but there is a large number of companies who you can count on for a lot of business and a steady stream of paychecks.

You may have the term BPO mill. These are companies that will have a lot of orders for you, but they will not be providing you with listings down the road. Many agents think that these companies are not worth the time. There are several reasons why I disagree with this opinion:

• They are likely the first companies to provide an agent with no experience a chance

• You can make a good income from these companies alone, I make most of my BPO money from these “mills”

• They will help you fill in your resume for companies that require experience who will most likely be able to provide the foreclosure listings down the road

• You will gain invaluable experience in evaluating an area

With that being said you will find a few companies that are not worth the time and effort. Some, for example, are not reliable for regular payments, and others do not offer fair market fees. You can find a lot of information in forums regarding which companies are the most reliable (but remember to take some of the comments with a grain of salt, I have found some companies to be a great resource where a lot of agents have nothing nice to say about them). Get to know some contacts at these companies and you will find that you move up in their rankings much more quickly and you will have a steady stream of orders sent directly to you.

Many agents are scared off from this business because they thought it would be a quick and easy fix. It is a good income, but like any real business it does take some effort. With a good system in place and some quality work, you will …

4 Key Tips to Great Proposals in Commercial Real Estate Sales and Leasing

4 Key Tips to Great Proposals in Commercial Real Estate Sales and Leasing

New business proposals in commercial real estate are an essential part of daily agency activities. When you get it right, it helps you significantly in convincing the prospect of your relevance to them in moving on the property needs that they have.

This market is really challenging and for this reason the generic new business proposal is a waste of time and energy. You must be specific to the client’s needs. Your new business proposals must be one of a kind and specific to the property, the market, the solution, and the timeline.

Having seen and prepared many proposals over the years, it is very clear that four specific rules apply to the process if you want to be much more successful at what you submit to the client.

1. Before you begin drafting your proposal, do you typically have a crystal clear idea of the key issues that the customer wants you to address in the proposal or does it forever seem to be an obscure guessing game? Highly effective commercial property proposals address only those specific needs, concerns, and expectations that a potential customer wants addressed. To achieve this essential awareness, you should have an initial meeting with the client and an inspection of the property. This allows you to tailor the proposal to the specific points of focus that you have identified. A question and answer process in your document is a wise strategy where you can display your total understanding of the clients concerns and your recommendations.

2. Are your proposals well-focused, readable documents that effectively communicate your understanding of the customer’s issues, or are they typically an inward-looking, unfocused compilation of filler, fluff, and the mundane? Highly effective proposals are articulate customer-focused documents with a clear and specific purpose that is easily understood by anyone who reads it. The best proposal documents in commercial real estate are split into six or seven sections that are specific to the sale or leasing process. They will include the executive summary, the brief, market commentary, target market, marketing strategy, recommendations, and fee structure. The most important component is the recommendations that you put forward. They must be innovative and clearly defined as relevant to the client’s needs.

3. Do your proposals offer measurable solutions to confirmed prospect needs, or are they really only “capabilities and qualifications” documents that propose little, if anything? Highly effective proposals offer specific solutions to confirmed customer needs and include, goals and objectives, roles and responsibilities, specific action steps and timelines, and most important, accountability. The client likes to know the relevance and qualifications of the person who will be serving them. Clearly defined methods and frequency of communication to the client should also be set out. It is of value and relevance to provide a time line that displays the stages of property marketing that you will take the client through.

4. Confirm your findings clearly to the client. This …

Unclaimed Funds Finder – Avoid State Finder Fee Limits and Make 50% Per Claim on Real Estate Funds

Unclaimed Funds Finder – Avoid State Finder Fee Limits and Make 50% Per Claim on Real Estate Funds

If you’re an unclaimed funds finder trying to work around the 5-15% state limits on unclaimed money, you’re going to be happy to hear this news: there’s a way to work unclaimed money without being limited by those finder fee caps – and make up to 50% on every claim. Not an unclaimed funds finder? You may want to consider becoming one, once you read this.

State law limits finder fees to 5-15%; this we know. But there are funds out there that state law doesn’t apply to; and they’re huge amounts of money. There are literally billions in these funds waiting to be found by an unclaimed funds finder – and anyone can learn to collect them, right from their home office. These funds are overages from the sale of real estate, usually foreclosures.

Since these funds are generally created outside the state level, that means that until they are held at the state level, they aren’t subject to the same laws as the funds that go straight to the state (like stock dividends and bank accounts). In order for those caps to apply to funds, they generally have to meet the definition in the state code, which determines at what point the caps apply. Usually, there is a period of time before they meet this definition – and that’s when you can go after them for 50%.

On real estate overages, as you can imagine, that 50% can mean a lot of money – thousands, or even tens of thousands per claim. And the current foreclosure rate is ensuring that these funds are being created and will continue to be created. If you’re not an unclaimed funds finder, and this sounds like a great business to get into, that’s because it is.

Briefly, an unclaimed funds finder working these real estate funds works on contingency. That means you help the owner get their money without charging an up-front fee, and take more in payment later directly out of the funds you collect. The owners love this arrangement – it’s safe, and no money out of pocket for them – and they never even miss your fee since they receive the money less the fee in the first place.

If you’re an unclaimed funds finder, get to work on these funds! If you’re not, seek training. Anyone can work this business, but it’s important to be familiar with the laws pertaining to finders and make sure you’re working the right funds before submitting your first claim.…

Restaurants of Downtown Greenville SC

Restaurants of Downtown Greenville SC

If you like to eat well then there is no better place to go than downtown Greenville, SC. With over ninety restaurants in a quarter mile area, there is plenty to choose from. You will find everything from a quick cup of coffee, to hot dogs, to fine dining and everything in between.

If you can’t decide whether to eat inside or alfresco then Soby’s might be the restaurant for you. Soby’s was opened in 1997. It has a southern flavor with an indoor dining area and bar that opens onto Main Street and a covered outdoor eating area as well.

Maybe you want a change from the overstuffed plates one finds in most chain restaurants. Then check out the Casbah. The Casbah offers a little different take on dining. They are a tapas style restaurant that provides a wonderful selection of small plates that you can keep for yourself or share with your table. There is always new art on the walls and something new on the menu each quarter to enjoy as well.

The Art Bar is a somewhat newcomer to the downtown Greenville, SC area. If you like good art and beer or wine then you need to stop by here. The Art Bar carries over fifty Craft and Belgian beers and a vast assortment of wines by the glass or bottle. As the name implies, the walls and upper areas of the bar are covered with art from local artists, all of which is for sale. You’ll find friendly service and a pleasant atmosphere that will keep you coming back for more.

If you’re a Sinatra fan, you don’t have to go too far to find a little of the old Rat Pack alive and well. Rick Erwin’s is a steak house with more than its fair share of sizzle. Having been recognized as one of the top fifty restaurants in the nation by Open Table, the food is only the beginning of a wonderful evening. The dark wood tones and soft music offset the fine service and wonderful food. The bar is the perfect spot for a quick drink or a leisurely meal.

On the other end of Main Street sits Sassafras Southern Bistro. It is one of the oldest restaurants in the revived downtown Greenville, SC area. It provides an historic indoor atmosphere and a covered patio for outside dining. You’ll find traditional southern cooking here with more than a little southern hospitality thrown in.

Regardless of where you decide to dine, you’ll find the downtown Greenville, SC area one of the best places to satisfy any appetite.…