Sell Your Timeshare: 5 Great Tips to Reduce Your Fees

Sell Your Timeshare: 5 Great Tips to Reduce Your Fees

How to sell your timeshare and NOT lose money

You are probably reading this because you are sick and tired of paying fees for your timeshare that you’re NOT using. Don’t worry. With the economy the way it is, how are you supposed to pay your timeshare fees AND airfare? Plus, how often do you ACTUALLY use your timeshare? Most people don’t have time to go as much as they thought they would initially. That’s when you know it’s time to SELL.

1. How much can I sell my timeshare for?

This is the first thing you want to find out. Fortunately there are many websites that will give you this information for FREE because they want to make a commission off selling your timeshare for you. This is alright because you can think of it as using a real estate agent; they do the work and get paid for a job well done by the buyer. I’ll say that again THE BUYER SHOULD PAY THE SALES FEE.

2. Do I want to sell it myself of have a Realtor sell it for me?

This is really an easy question. If you sell the timeshare yourself then it’s going to take a lot of time and effort. You can use things like Craigslist and Facebook, but why put in this kind of work when there are professionals out there who will do it for you and probably BETTER than you. Plus like I said in step 1, the buyer should pay the sales fee.

3. Check with your timeshare company before selling

Timeshares are used to people wanting to sell, and they LIKE it. Why? They are simply looking to make money from you, so they will be thinking of ANY possible way to do this. They should offer a way to RENT your timeshare if you would like to do so. I suggest that you look into that before selling because maybe you can recoup some of the fees and still be able to use your timeshare for part of the year. That said, you should keep your options open and get a quote of how much it is worth.

4. Compare prices

Once you know how much your timeshare is worth you can start comparing prices online. Check the real estate websites and write in the estimated value of your timeshare that you receive from the website below. This estimated value will give you a basis for seeing what other timeshare are valued at. DON’T SELL TOO LOW.

5. I repeat DON’T SELL TOO LOW

You originally bought the timeshare as an investment, both financially and for your family. It’s tempting to just sell right away because you want your money quick, but make sure you get an estimate first, and don’t go below that estimate.