Effective Real Estate Office Meetings for Agents Considered

Effective Real Estate Office Meetings for Agents Considered

One of the best ways to rally the troops at a local real estate office is to make the once a week office meetings fun and exciting, and totally motivational. It also helps to have refreshments, pastries, and things of this nature. It makes sense to allow the vendors such as; mortgage brokers, title reps, and other related real estate service companies join in on the fun, and also pay for the refreshments. Of course, this is nothing new and it’s been going on in real estate meetings across the country for decades. Not just the large franchised type realty companies, but also small local offices.

By getting all of the realtors together once a week, they can share information, show their listings, and even do a little caravanning after the meeting. If the local office, with all of the agents are canvassing the city or town properly, and if they have joined local service clubs, the Chamber of Commerce, and are involved in the inner workings of the city, along with all the nonprofit groups then it is amazing how much networking can go on. And this is all good for selling real estate, and it also makes the local office one with the community.

Indeed it makes sense to harness this energy for things like food drives, or help other realtors get involved in volunteer for community events, introducing them to more people. Remember, it is people who buy real estate, and it is people who need a good realtor when they’re ready to sell the property that they presently own. Despite what you might think local office meetings with the agents should not start exactly on time, it’s best when they start 10 or 15 minutes late. This allows everyone to get there, and a few extra minutes for conversations to continue, as the agents network with each other.

Just as with any other sales management meeting, it makes sense to reward the top sellers, and recognize peak performance. This should always be an integral part of any office meeting for the agents. Motivated agents sell more real estate, and that makes more money for the firm which gets a percentage of every transaction.

It also behooves a local office of realtors to have a mobile car wash come by and wash the agents cars while they’re in the meeting. Realtors who drive clean cars sell more property. No buyer wants to drive around and look out of a dirty window at all the homes they might be interested in, and perhaps making an offer on. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think about it.