Sell Your Home – Optimize Curb Appeal

Sell Your Home – Optimize Curb Appeal

My guess is that you are about to put your home on the market or already have? If this sounds like you and you are looking to spruce your home up to make it look better to potential buyers then you have found the right article.

Picture your home like a storefront. You may have never realized this when you decided on something that you wanted, for example, new shoes, but when you pull up to the store, if it doesn’t look visually appealing, you already have a bad taste in your mouth about the store. If the store owner is lucky enough for you to walk in, then they have a second chance to impress you with their products and store atmosphere.

If you walked in, guess what? You are one of the few people that would actually go in. The reason you probably did go in is because you are already in front of the store and you don’t want to waste your gas.

But what if you were searching online and two different shoe stores popped up on your screen and one was the one you went into, (dingy and dirty on the outside) and the other was nice and clean and lively? Chances are you would probably choose to go to that store and not the one you stumbled across while driving around.

With the internet now being the place where more than 80% of people go to start their search for homes, and on top of that 80% of those searchers are women, doesn’t it make sense to make sure that the main photograph of your home is the best it possibly can be? Women appreciate nice clean neat things, as do men. When you have a home where the limbs on the trees are hanging down a little more than normal and the grass is not freshly cut and there are still leaves that have fallen from the trees onto your roof and gutters and in your bushes, you have to remember that buyers see that. If you have brick or a hardy board siding home that looks like it needs to be pressure washed, then you need to spend the nominal fee to get that done.

A buyer may not say, “I don’t want to look at that house because it’s not too pleasing to the eye. It doesn’t look like a shiny new product”, but subconsciously their mind is saying, the owner doesn’t keep up with the property, there may be a lot that needs to be done with the home. They may not know why they don’t like the home, they just don’t like it. This is something to consider when preparing your home for sale because remember, chances are your home is not the only home for sale in your area!