Realtor Marketing – Using the Internet to Generate Free Leads

Realtor Marketing – Using the Internet to Generate Free Leads

The Realtors who use internet marketing love how it generates leads for them day in and day out. It not only puts all your lead generation efforts on autopilot but it also generates free leads.

In this article I’ll show you how you can use the internet to automatically generate free leads that will turn into home buyers and earn you more commissions than ever before.

Secret #1:

You first have to understand how internet marketing can give you a free lead generating system for your business. You have to identify the sources of the free leads. There are people online looking for solutions to their problems and their issues, including what homes to buy and where to buy them. Within your market you have to identify these people and where they are on the internet.

Secret #2:

You have to learn the right way to make contact with your future buyers to build relationships, trust and credibility. More often than not people on the internet do not trust paid advertisements. They look for social proof, endorsements and word of mouth advertising. You have to know how to get all of those things and make sure you are viewed very positively in all the right places online.

Secret #3:

You can get a continual stream of new leads from people who learn about you through free online sites like forums and blogs. It helps to also be listed in free internet directories and classified sites. Having articles and press releases written about you and your business can be great if they are distributed correctly online. Social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook can generate hundreds of free leads if properly integrated into the rest of your automatic lead system. Do all of these things and you will have a regular stream of new potential buyers visiting your website. And this will translate into more sales and higher commissions than you’ve ever had before.