Pros & Cons to Using a Realtor

Pros & Cons to Using a Realtor

Many home buyers try to sell their homes directly on their own, in order to save realtor overheads. However, the fact is that selling through a real estate agent is, for all times, a better formula than going for a deal yourself. A realtor will always have a larger database of potential buyers. When you go to sell your home directly, it will come to notice that buyers have a tendency to look for reduced costs from the seller. People expect a reduction of about 6% average on the price you are trying to offer. Furthermore, you will have to deal with the array of potential buyers, shortlist them, go through all the paperwork, etc. So when it comes to selling your home let us look at the advantages and disadvantages of hiring a realtor.

Advantages of hiring a real estate agent

A� Realtor will always have a higher volume of potential buyers. Your home will get a better market exposure through listings or multiple listings.

A� A real estate agent will screen the potential buyers and will bring in only the qualified buyers. You will obviously be saved of attending to lots of enquiries, and short listing them.

A� You will be only dealing with qualified buyers. It is difficult to know the reality of those who pose as buyers. You can be sure that your home will sell fast with a real estate agent.

A� Realtor will help to determine correct pricing of your home. And he will also recommend some changes or repairs you need to make in order to improve its salability. This, moreover, prevents you from any lawsuits which some people have had to face after selling their homes.

A� Realtors are already aware of legalities involved in buying and selling the properties. They can help you to find a way to fulfill your requirements and get you the best benefits from selling.

A� A Realtor will save a huge amount of time and effort in the making and processing of the paperwork. A good real estate agent will always try to get the best selling price for your property as it directly affects his income too.

Having looked at the advantages of realtors let us now see, what are the disadvantages of hiring a real estate agent?

The disadvantages and cautions while hiring a real estate agent.

A� The commission of the agent is considered as the first disadvantage.

A� Beware of the realtors who try to sell the homes in open houses; rarely buyers are found by doing an open house.

A� Make sure that the agent you hire is qualified, and experienced enough to know about the neighborhood and the operations in the local area.

A� Make sure that the agent or agency is aware of the legal proceedings involved in property dealings.

All these conclude to the fact that it is imperative to meet the right realtor to get the best value for your home.