How to Attract Private Money For Your Real Estate Deals

How to Attract Private Money For Your Real Estate Deals

If you are a real estate investor, attracting private money lenders and investors is a crucial element of your business success. Having a real estate investor website specifically for attracting and convincing potential lenders and investors that you are the best solution for their investment money is therefore a must.

But you must have the right website in order to accomplish this objective – a web site that is simple, professionally designed and laid out, and most importantly, one that leaves no doubt in potential lenders minds that you are the best person they can invest their money with. Identifying the right source of such a web site is therefore crucial. First, why do you need private money?

1) If you like it, it is a deal

Can you use conventional lending for a deal that involves creative financing (such as taking over payments)? Even deals that could probably make you $100,000? Most unlikely! No bank will finance you unless it is a straight conventional buy; at least I do not know even one. When you have a solid flow of private money that you can turn to at a short notice, you can close any deals you want; if you like it, it is a deal!

2) Close more deals

With private money, you are the under-writer. This means you can do deals that other investors cannot handle simply because you have a ready source of cash from your investors. Even if you find deals with time constraints, you can still close on them because you can close on such deals as soon as you find them. Conventional lenders typically take at least 30 days to close, and come with tons of under-writing conditions. Hard money lenders can only lend on deals that meet certain criteria (such as 70% minus repairs). None of these conditions exist with private money lenders.

3) They are cheaper

Hard money lenders typically charge around 16% interest and higher, plus points in most cases. Conventional lenders may not even close on most deals unless they are conventional.

4) You do not need your own money

Hard money lenders will charge you points in advance and interest for the first month to close on your deal. Also, they will not lend you money to rehab in advance, so you may need a significant amount of money in the bank to get a medium-sized deal. Conventional lenders need you to put some money down, typically 10-20%. Not so with private money.

Web Sites For Attracting Private Lenders

A good website must present you as a polished professional to potential investors so they can fund your deals with confidence that their money is safe with you. In turn, you get all the money you need to finance deals that other real estate investors can never touch. A private money lender website must be specifically designed for attracting private money lenders to finance your deals. Obviously, you do not want to look sloppy to the very people who will finance your deals.

This web site must present you as a polished professional real estate investor who is at the top of his game. You must come out as a successful business person who lenders will not think twice to lend their money with. The content of the private money lender web site must be professionally written to convince potential investors that you are the best real estate investor for their money. It must also be fully optimized for search engines. Choosing the right lender web site for this purpose is therefore a must to your business success.