Advantages and Disadvantages of Different Commercial Roof Types

There are advantages and disadvantages of all roof types. Some of the most common commercial roofs are flat, pitched, low-slope and metal retrofit. There are different qualities of roofs that you should understand to make an informed decision about which roof is best for a building project. It’s common to see a flat roof albuquerque nm because it tends to be the most preferred.

The reason why many find commercial flat roofs preferable is because they are less expensive than other types. They also happen to be faster and easier to install, which reduces the cost of labor. This consideration is not just for the initial cost, but also for future repair costs. Some of the benefits of a commercial flat room is that air conditioners can be placed on the roof and it’s easier to install solar panels. In fact, satellite dishes can also be placed on the room, which makes them less noticeable. Perhaps the biggest issue and disadvantage with a flat roof is that they’re hard to drain. As a result, standing water can result in a degraded roof, which can affect the inside of the building.

Commercial pitched roofs are used for commercial properties, but they are also used on residential properties. The primary advantage of this roof type is that water and snow are able to flow freely from the roof because of its steep structure. Since there isn’t any water buildup, the roof is able to maintain its integrity and will require less maintenance. Since there is an incline, a pitched roof is difficult to repair and can pose safety problems when attempting to do so.

Commercial low-sloped roofs are used for many different types of properties, including industrial and apartment buildings. The slope of the roof supports easy water runoff. Because of the roofs design, it tends to be less expensive because it doesn’t require as much roofing material. Although it’s low-sloped, there is still enough of an incline to prevent standing water. However, it’s not so steep that you can’t install solar panels and air conditioners. A disadvantage is that there are stricter building codes because snow tends to weigh down a low-sloped roof.

Commercial metal retrofit roofs are durable, yet less expensive than other options. This is essentially when the old metal roof you have is retrofitted for increased durability. The advantage is that it greatly extends the lifespan of your existing roof and it doesn’t require any down time, which means you can continue operations as usual. The disadvantage of metal retrofitting is that it won’t last quite as long as a new metal roof, which means you’ll need to weigh the long-term costs.

In addition to the options detailed, as well as the advantages and disadvantages, there are many other considerations when it comes to commercial roofs. It’s always best to get help from industry experts to determine which roof type is best. Sometimes it will depend on the weather in your area.