Where to buy residential properties in Abu Dhabi?

Having a dream abode is the dream of many. Everyone wishes to have the little nest that they call home. The feeling of security and love is only at home.

We search for multiple properties to find the perfect place. We wish to have a surrounding community brimming with life and everything we love.

If you are in Abu Dhabi, we will help you find the perfect residential destination. Delve deep into the article to explore all the best residential destinations: –

  1. Yas Island

This one is a perfect residential property for people who loves to be close to nature. This is a natural island where all the activities are under the sun. Walk with white sand between your toes and swirl through mangroves.

  1. Saadiyat Island

Stroll around endless beaches and soak in the sun while living close to myriad flora and fauna. This island is the dream of nature lovers.

  1. Reem Island

Be in the city and the sea. Be a part of the cosmopolitan lifestyle with dining outlets, schools, and malls, and at the same time, you live in the lap of mother nature. There can be no better combination than this.

  1. Al Raha Beach

This beach is a perfect mix of culture, residence, entertainment, and world-class public amenities. You have everything under the sun to access on this island.

  1. Other destinations

Other than Islands there are multiple other destinations where you can find your dream abode. From Al-Oyoun village to Al Rayyana, you can explore all the properties.

Aldar- your partner to find perfect properties.

Aldar is the name of the trust to buy residential properties in Dubai. We place our customers first by embedding sustainability, quality, technology, and innovation in everything we do. We help you with both types of property: –

  1. Residential
  2. Building plots.

We also understand that every individual is different and has different requirements. So, we also offer plots to both buy and rent. We offer the following properties to rent: –

  1. Residential
  2. Commercial
  3. Retail


Abu Dhabi is a place that is culturally very rich and offers every facility that you can ever dream of. It has various dream locations such as: –

  1. Saadiyat Island
  2. Yas Island
  3. Reem Island
  4. Alreeman
  5. Alreeman ||
  6. Al Falah

We make sure that we get the best property for you that matches your requirements and is a perfect fit for your needs. We have a list of properties for sale in abu dhabi to make sure that we match a property for you that is equipped with everything you desire. For residential properties, we make sure that it is family-friendly and safe and secure with all the premium facilities. For commercial properties, we make sure that the property is equipped with all recreates and supports your business requirements.

Visit our website to choose your dream abode from a myriad of options available and be the resident of a property that feels like a dream and has everything your necessities and heart desire.