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How to Find Or Create a Great Real Estate Investment Club

How to Find Or Create a Great Real Estate Investment Club

Finding The Right Investment Club

Getting into the investing group that’s right for you may take a bit of experimenting. To see what your existing real estate networking options are, simply type “investment club”, or “real estate investment club” into your search browser along with the name of your city, or a nearby large city if you live out in the country. Find out when and where the next monthly meeting is. The typical investing group will have at least one meeting each month, sometimes more.

Check the real estate networking group’s website or make a phone call to see if you can attend your first meeting at a discount or perhaps for free. Then go check out the club in person by attending the meeting. You’ll get a feeling right away if this gathering of real estate investors is going to be a fit for you or not.

Investment Club Checklist:

1) Are the meetings in a decent location that is not too far from you?

2) Is it organized and run well, do the meetings start and end on time?

3) Do the leaders seem to focus on education and support, or does it seem that all they care about is selling you into a membership or someone’s home study course?

4) Are the leaders of the investment club the type of people you want to emulate?

The answers to the above questions will help you to evaluate the various choices you have for investment groups near you. My suggestion is to visit each club in your area prior to selecting one as your home base.

What To Do If There Is Not An Investment Club Near You

If you can’t find an investment club near you, or if every location you’ve checked out fails to meet your requirements, then it’s not too hard to start your own investing group. The easiest way to get started is to find a local restaurant with a large back room that will allow you to have your initial meetings at no charge as long as you encourage your members to order something to eat during the meeting.

Keep your initial gatherings simple by allowing members to attend for free is they agree to help you with registration or running the meetings. To provide meeting content, get an experienced investor to share their best tips, or find a local broker who’s hungry for business that is willing to come in and talk to your real estate group.

As the leader of the real estate group, you are positioning yourself as an authority figure for the other group members to look up to. This helps to put yourself into a position where you are quickly building the trust and respect from your group members. Once you have your group established you’ll be able to easily meet potential investors for your real estate deals.

If your experience is like the other clients that I’ve helped then perhaps your real estate group could end up being one of your very best sources of deals for you. Whether you are just beginning investing or if you are an old hat, finding a good investment club to network, share or learn new ideas, or even just as a place to be able to talk real estate can provide the essential boost you need to succeed.…

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The Convenience You Need For a Home

The Convenience You Need For a Home

There are many people who are now considering Boca Raton real estate as a perfect place to invest a home. With the increase on the demand in buying a home in Boca Raton, many people are considering the place as a good place to invest a home.

In a short time, home value will start to increase in the city; there are many plans of improvement that can surely help people who live in the place. There are plans of improvement every now and then and today, Boca Raton real estate is now on its peak in terms of having a good home for sale. For those who have purchased a home in real estate, they will surely be happy with the great changes that they can have.

Boca Raton real estate has been known for its affordable price but with great value with the home that they offer. A lot of homes in the city are built with art and have given enough convenience to those people who live in the city. There are many establishments and business are now successful in the place, that is why people who are looking for a business opportunity are considering Boca Raton as a good place in doing business and take the opportunity to get a decent job.

If you will be acquiring in real estate, you have to be wise enough and patient in looking for those homes that can provide you the convenience you need for your family. There are homes that are suitable for a family and for those people who are starting to build their own family.

Boca Raton real estate is a family friendly place, people who live in the city are friendly enough to help you adjust easily in the place. You can also have the convenience with the existing business establishment that can help you with your daily necessities. You can have nearby grocery stores and malls in the area and other business establishment that can help you with other business.…

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Commercial and Retail Property Leasing – How to Be Pitching for a Landlords Listing

Commercial and Retail Property Leasing – How to Be Pitching for a Landlords Listing

In investment property the landlords that own premises always require leasing assistance. Rarely will they turn down the offer of a genuine tenant at a market rent. For this reason, if you as a real estate agent focus on the control of your market and the tenants that are active or potentially active, you will create more opportunity for listings. Landlords will listen to you. More of your presentations and sale pitches will convert to listings.

Landlords want the best agent when it comes to leasing the vacancies that they have. Your database of enquiry from your local market is foundational to attracting landlords to your leasing services. So if you want to control your leasing market, focus on your database and the enquiry that sits in it.

When you pitch for landlords vacant premises to lease try these rules:

Show them the size of your database as a bulky document that they can feel and see. Put it on the table during the presentation or pitch.

Talk to the landlord about the recent market rents that have been achieved which other comparable properties in the area. Explain the advantages and differences between gross and net rents as you see it for their premises.

Explain what incentives are out in the market to attract tenants in today’s terms. It is likely that your landlord will need guidance or help with the incentive structures and decisions.

Make sure you have inspected the property in detail so you can talk to it and the property features around which you will build your inspection and marketing strategies.

Identify the target market that will be attracted to the property and just how you will tap into that target market.

Explain what the situation is like currently regards the time on market for the leasing of premises. What is the vacancy factor in the area or region that can impact on the landlords leasing requirement?

Tell the landlord what you consider to be the essential facts that tenants require in today’s leasing situation

Give the landlord an idea of how the best lease could be structured, what the rents are, and how the rents could be improved over time.

Talk about the permitted use and the zoning of the premises that will have impact on the future leasing strategy.

How do the services and amenities in the property suit the current enquiry for leased premises?

Landlords in this property market need help from agents to find tenants. Rarely will a landlord really have all the resources and solutions available to lease the premises that the local real estate agent has. These 10 facts above will help you show that you are the real estate agent of choice to market the vacancy for the landlord. If the vacancy and property is of high quality, insist on getting an exclusive leasing agency appointment so you can focus your efforts on the market and the premises for at least 8 weeks. If the property has not leased in that time then something else is impacting the marketing or the enquiry base.…

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Will Prices on These Cheap Mexico Beachfront Lots Rise?

Will Prices on These Cheap Mexico Beachfront Lots Rise?

The recent big news for retirees or vacationers on a budget, as well as savvy investors, is that a new development of cheap Mexico beachfront lotshas been released in the State of Campeche on the Yucatan Peninsula, now only for $45,000 USD per lot, contrasting to the $65,000 USD for the lots in the development next door. The question is, how can you as a buyer be confident that value of these lots will rise?

Especially investors, but also vacationers and retirees building their dream home, will want to know more before “diving in.” After all, the prices just “went down” to $45,000, didn’t they?

First of all, it must be remembered that the area where these lots are located is just beginning to tap into its potential as a tourist destination and community expat location. While the factors that present an excellent possibility of rising value are all in place, the results will become more apparent as each of these factors continues to mature. These factors include:

Full Services- The lots already include connections for electricity, water, phone and internet. There is also a Walmart in a nearby city (the city of Campeche, 45 minutes away), nearby golf courses and marinas under construction, and restaurants both in the city and in surrounding villages. As some of these are completed, others will begin to appear; once Campeche is in full swing with its modern services, it’s very unlikely anyone will be selling a lot directly on the beachfront only 45 minutes from the city for only $45,000 USD, $65,000 USD, or eve $150,000 USD.

Access -The lots have direct connection to the federal highway leading to the city of Campeche. In the city there is a small international airport. Only 2 hours is the Merida International Airport, and 5 hours away is Cancun, both of which offer many direct international flights for accessible prices. As the expat community grows, so will the flight options directly in Campeche.

Healthy Tourism- While Campeche hasn’t yet got a big “pin on the map” like the nearby colonial gem of Merida, it’s well positioned to start off by catching some overflowing tourism from that city, only 2 hours away; in fact, this has already happened, and those who have visited generally feel Campeche is the best example of a beautiful, well-maintained, clean and safe colonial city. With the growing idea of a more unified Yucatan Peninsula tourism area, Campeche is one of the places best positioned to benefit. A new tourist-focused train is also in plans connecting Campeche to Merida, Chichen Itza and Playa del Carmen near Cancun on the other side of the Peninsula.

Large Expat Community- The success of the first development of lots (the $65,000 ones) shows that expats are already heading to Campeche’s beachfront. These buyers are still in the process of planning and building their homes, and so the influx is still not visible; again, once the homes are built and more people start moving in, it’s very unlikely that anyone will be selling lots for these prices.

If you’re hesitating, it’s good to take your time, and make a careful well-informed decision. Talk to a Mexico agent, and arrange to come and see the lots for yourself. Ask as many questions as you can. But don’t take too much time; Campeche’s cheap Mexico beachfront lotsprobably won’t fall into the “cheap” category a couple of years from now!

; Mexico’s Leading Network of Specialists for Finding and Purchasing Mexican Properties Safely…

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Why Too Many Real Estate Websites Fail to Produce Leads

Why Too Many Real Estate Websites Fail to Produce Leads

What do you see first when you visit a real estate website? Most of the time the first thing you see is a promotion for the community.


It’s true that in my 19 years selling real estate I did come in contact with a few people who were cruising the entire Northwest looking for a place to settle. Perhaps a half dozen over the years. They were looking at homes from Montana, across Idaho, into Washington, and down to Oregon. Frankly, they were not my ideal clients because they wasted a lot of my time before moving on to another state. They were definitely not serious buyers and I probably should not have taken time for them.

So yes, a few people will visit your website to learn about the community and decide if they’d like to view some homes for sale. But the majority of buyers who visit your website are there because they either already live in the community and want to move up, down, or out of Mom’s house – or because they know they want to relocate to that community.

The sellers obviously already live there or at least own property there. They visit your site to learn how well you promote individual listings. They’re looking for a top-notch agent and are hoping to learn enough via the Internet to make a good choice.

So why should you present a “Chamber of Commerce page” on the most valuable piece of Internet real estate that you own?

I realize that not everyone agrees with me on this, but I believe you should not.

I believe this page should show why you are the agent in that community that buyers and sellers need on their side. It does need to show what community you represent, just so that visitors know they’re in the right place, but I don’t believe its purpose should be to sell the community.

Your home page should not only feature your name and your photograph, but should offer reasons why calling you will be a benefit to the buyers and sellers who visit your site.

Every good agent has something special to offer, so write a couple of enticing paragraphs and let them lead into your buyer and seller pages. Let your visitors know that they’ve just found a true professional who can and will help them achieve their goals.

Then, if there is one particular segment of the community that you claim as your territory, you could sing its praises.

The next mistake I see on real estate websites is stinginess.

It’s natural for agents to want to capture the names of visitors to their sites. But when they rush into it and refuse to give up any information without “payment” in the form of the visitor’s contact information, it encourages that visitor to look elsewhere.

Instead, let visitors search the MLS. Give them some free advice. Show them that you have knowledge to impart and that you’re willing to share. Shun the “canned” articles that appear on hundreds of sites and either write your own or have them written for you – and make sure they actually say something. Too many of the articles on real estate websites are just words with no value.

Then, after you’ve shown that what you have to say will be beneficial to your visitors, offer something of even greater value in exchange for their name and address. By that time they’ll be willing to hear from you.…

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Realtor Marketing – Using the Internet to Generate Free Leads

Realtor Marketing – Using the Internet to Generate Free Leads

The Realtors who use internet marketing love how it generates leads for them day in and day out. It not only puts all your lead generation efforts on autopilot but it also generates free leads.

In this article I’ll show you how you can use the internet to automatically generate free leads that will turn into home buyers and earn you more commissions than ever before.

Secret #1:

You first have to understand how internet marketing can give you a free lead generating system for your business. You have to identify the sources of the free leads. There are people online looking for solutions to their problems and their issues, including what homes to buy and where to buy them. Within your market you have to identify these people and where they are on the internet.

Secret #2:

You have to learn the right way to make contact with your future buyers to build relationships, trust and credibility. More often than not people on the internet do not trust paid advertisements. They look for social proof, endorsements and word of mouth advertising. You have to know how to get all of those things and make sure you are viewed very positively in all the right places online.

Secret #3:

You can get a continual stream of new leads from people who learn about you through free online sites like forums and blogs. It helps to also be listed in free internet directories and classified sites. Having articles and press releases written about you and your business can be great if they are distributed correctly online. Social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook can generate hundreds of free leads if properly integrated into the rest of your automatic lead system. Do all of these things and you will have a regular stream of new potential buyers visiting your website. And this will translate into more sales and higher commissions than you’ve ever had before.…

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Yucatan Real Estate – Beachfront & Colonial, Nature & Culture

Yucatan Real Estate – Beachfront & Colonial, Nature & Culture

As far as beachfront real estate is concerned, the area encompassed by Yucatan Real Estate and Cancun Real Estate provide some of the most diverse options for real estate buyers, also providing close access to many places to visit and activities to experience.

Since its creation in the late 60’s and early 70’s Cancun has grown to become one of the favorite tourist destinations not only for Americans, but for world-wide travelers. Along with this growth in tourism came and interest to live next to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, kick- starting a growing real estate market that has already overflowed into several other thriving areas in the Riviera Maya, just south of Cancun. Beachfront condos in highrises not only provide amazing views, but also more accessible prices than in other nearby locations which only allow low-rise buildings.

While Cancun was created in an almost uninhabited jungle, the Yucatan has been populated continually since the Spanish conquest of the Mayan territories. There are several beautiful colonial cities and towns, including the state capital, Merida. Real estate buyers who wish to live an romantic city, which blends Mexican, native Mayan and international culture, Merida is also one of the safest cities to be found, not only in Mexico, but even compared to just about anywhere in the U.S.

Yucatan MLS listings include traditional Mexican homes near Merida’s city center, luxury homes near golf courses, condos on the nearby beachfront in Progreso, and haciendas – the old estates of the past elite. For those who have a taste for something less discovered, the Emerald coast is a stretch of beachfront heading in the direction of Cancun. The oceanfront is spotted with traditional villages, and includes several wildlife reserves, one of which is home to a natural flamingo habitat. Homes on this beachfront area can be found for very accessible prices.

Whether a buyer chooses modern Cancun, the colonial metropolis of Merida, the more hidden away options of the Emerald coast, The majestic Mayan pyramids of Chichen Itza, Coba and many other sites are only a short trip away. Eco-parks allow visitors to experience the nature of the area first hand; many include access to the area’s famous cenotes – cool, natural pools at the entrance to an underground water system – while others provide detailed displays of local culture and history.

Life on the Yucatan Peninsula is like no other place. Take a look at property listings today, and talk to an agent to find out how you can make this area your home.…