Do Call Capture Systems Really Work?

Do Call Capture Systems Really Work?

Call capture has long been touted as a way for both agents and brokers to take advantage of technology in order to generate more leads, make more sales, and get their names out to a broader array of potential buyers and mortgagees. But does call capture really work? The short answer is yes, with the long answer including the phrase “if used properly”. As with any information system, call capture must be put to best use by an agent in order for it to reach its full potential. Simply paying for a system will not be enough to guarantee success. There must be an effort made by the agent in order to maximize their return on investment. While these systems offer a number of benefits to both agents and brokers, there are several that stand out as giving the most benefit in the shortest period of time.

The first is that a call capture system allows customers and potential clients to call at any time of the day or night. The system is essentially a 1-800 number, but without the restrictions of a dedicated phone line or the need to have a live person on the line answering the phone. While the toll free number can be made to ring through to any phone the user desires–from a home or office phone to a cell or even fax machine–it can also be used to easily direct potential clients to a free recorded information line. This line can operate twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, allowing prospects to call for information about a property the moment that they see it, rather than taking the chance that they will remember an agent’s daytime phone number a day or week after they see a property they like. Using call capture information recordings that are updated consistently, a company can ensure that clients have access to the best property listings in the area, and without the fear of having to speak to an agent immediately. They can call for free information and know that they will get exactly what they are looking for.

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Call capture lines are toll free, meaning that for a customer, the cost to access them is nothing. Just as the name implies, however, these lines are able to “capture” the data of anyone that calls in. An agent can then make return calls to any of those numbers under the 90 day business inquiry rule of the Do Not Call laws, and provide clients with more detailed information. Call capture numbers also allow clients to leave messages so that when an agent does call back, they can be armed with the answers that the clients has requested.

Marketing dollars can also be streamlined using call capture technology, as most systems will come with an option for multiple extensions on the same number. This allows a business to place different extension lines at different advertising locations and to use the software that comes with the system to track which ones is are most effective. Knowing which ads are performing best allows an agent or broker to determine where their dollars are best spent on advertising.