Choosing the Right Real Estate Agent in Today’s Buyer’s Market

Choosing the Right Real Estate Agent in Today’s Buyer’s Market

In a world and economy where a whopping 87% of potential buyers are shopping for homes on the internet, it is integral that your real estate agent has the know-how and innovation to utilize this increasingly-important avenue of sales. If your agent is ignoring the internet as a place to advertise your home or property, or implies that their services do not include internet listings, seek new representation.

Do Your Research

Putting your home up for sale requires the appropriate amount of research on your part. Do your own internet searches on homes in the same market as yours. What features do you, as a “prospective buyer,” appreciate in an online listing? Which listings look the most professional and seem the most trustworthy? While this initial research is very superficial, it will give you an idea of the quality of work a potential real estate agent is offering.

What Your Real Estate Agent Should Provide

Your agent should provide a comprehensive internet marketing plan for your home. They should be able to provide you with the number of websites your home will be featured on, as well as be fluent in the various sites you have researched in your own time. They should speak to tailoring each property listing based on the needs and audiences of each website. A top-notch agent discuss the use of professional photos, videos and interactive features on your listings, as well as detail how buyers will contact agents for more information.

What to Avoid

There are very few real estate agents who avoid the internet market altogether. However, a real estate agent who chooses to only list your home and property on their company website is not doing enough to access the 87% of home buyers who search other internet sites. Finding someone well-versed in internet listings will be a better use of your money and investment.